How To Strip Your Way Across The Country

i’ve gotten some requests asking me to outline exactly how i stripped my way cross country. today i received a very compelling email asking for some tips and tricks. though all my techniques are buried in the depths of the last several years of this blog i will outline them as simply as i can now. this post will not detail HOW TO BE A STRIPPER, there is plenty of material and opinions floating around the ether webs about how to shave your pussy, point your toes and move slowly as well as conversation techniques to sell lapdances. this post is about the finer details of travel stripping.

1. pick your town – probably it’ll be the one you end up in.

2. call all the local strip clubs and try to find out if they will accept a travel girl, when you can audition and any local rules. some states require that you register with local government agencies. i never worked at those clubs. understand if you need to have a specific type of underwear (some clubs don’t allow g strings, etc).

2a. literally i called and this is what i said, “hi i’m a traveling dancer and i’m coming through town for several days and hoping to audition for your club. do you accept traveling girls?” besides no-answer calls, i never got turned down though i’m sure had i tried in certain stripper-saturated cities i might have been turned down more. if possible call a week ahead of time. due to the way i travel this was rarely possible and i often called the night before and/or the day of and was still able to work.

2a. if you can’t get a hold of any managers through phonecalls, go to the club and ask during their open hours. i only did this once.  i was able to reach the club by phone every other time.

2b. you can track down the numbers for local strip clubs using yelp or i often will use a large mile radius variable to see where in the state i can find clubs.

note: i usually chose to dance in smaller towns because there was usually a more relaxed and free flow hiring process. be prepared to show your driver’s license and/or tits and/or on-stage dancing techniques. if a manager asks for you to show him your lapdancing skills, feel free to say no and/or leave.

3. be quiet, be respectful, be prepared. every stripper knows that walking into a dressing room situation cold, is not the most comfortable experience. introduce yourself. smile. come prepared with all sorts of stripper things so that when a girl asks if anyone has scissors to cut off her tag you can help out. don’t ask for their help. the first night can be a little rough as you feel out the personalities in the room – when in doubt mind your own business, don’t get involved in local drama, don’t get drunk, defer to local girls even if they’re being slightly outrageous. you’re on their turf.

3a. being prepared includes bringing an ipod and/or cd’s with the music you like, if at all possible. some of the smaller clubs i worked at didn’t provide music for afternoon shifts.

4. remind the manager/house mom/dj etc that you have never worked in this state and all states do things differently. ask for an explanation of rates, dance areas, local rules, club customs, tip-out expectations, etc. asking smart questions will gain you respect.

5. i always made enough to pay my stage fee but had i not, i would have told the manager that i didn’t have cash on me and bailed. fuck a club where you can’t make stage fee and try another.

6. i showered in truck stops and campgrounds (which i sometimes paid for and sometimes snuck into). i often slept in my truck though several times i bought a hotel room when i was really feeling road worn. always always, watch your back when you leave the club, drive around, make sure no one is following you. you have no friends to call in whatever anonymous city you’re in if things go whack.

7. every night i worked i texted my mom what club i was working at and sent her a text before i went to bed saying “safe”. if you have a friend or family member you trust, it’s good to have someone who knows where you’re at.

8. i wrote about the variety of club rules a traveling stripper runs into on the road here and i maintain that it’s important to know the on-paper rules, the actual rules of the club, and your own rules. know the difference between the three and never ever break the third set, be prepared to be kicked out by the manager or screamed at by the girls if you break the second set, and break the first set as much as you like. you determine the difference between actual rules and on-paper rules by watching the other girls.

there you have it. further questions can be asked in the comments section. i will answer them all and update this post if any seem particularly important to include. other travel strippers, please chime in.

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8 Responses to “How To Strip Your Way Across The Country”

  1. rachael Says:

    I dont have anything to add, just want to say i finally finished your whole blog! Whoohoo! Feels good to be reading current stuff now. :) Love ya!!

  2. Surina Strippr Says:

    These are some great tips! The only thing I’d add is to be weary of excessive stage fees that strip clubs may charge you. They’re illegal & you can recuperate the fees only if you file wage complaints against a club. But this might be difficult to do if you’re traveling & will need to return to the city to attend hearings for your case.

    Plz support my documentary LICENSE TO PIMP about the choices 3 strippers make when their strip clubs engage in illegal labor practices which transform them into brothels.

    • thestoryofstory Says:

      this is probably the last time i’ll approve a comment with the link to your documentary. i appreciate your work but your comment on this particular post is not well thought out. it is ONLY because strippers are independent contractors that stripping one’s way across the country would even work. if i had to become an employee in the dozens of states and clubs i worked at, it never would have worked (hence no post on accounting/waitressing/massaging your way across the country). the fact that we can drop in and drop out is exactly the reason why this job can travel so well. getting employee status for strippers is an interesting mission and one that would definitely benefit some – but not the free flyin’ spontaneous types like myself.

  3. applejaxe Says:

    Thank you for coming back. I have you on my blog roll, this is a great blog. Us dancers, we all have such a fucking story :)


  4. L Says:

    Just found your blog a day or two ago!

    Came across it while looking for information on stripping because I’m considering becoming a male stripper (and will audition in two weeks-ish or so I hope) Everything you post seems candid and is written with a lot of ‘soul’ and ‘fire’. It was good to read the up’s and down’s to stripping, particularly, when it comes to different kinds of customers.

    I haven’t finished reading all of it and I jumped back and forth between the order of blog dates. I did have a question though. Is your mom aware of this site? You seem to be pretty open with her about it, and I know you’ve said she knows about what you do.

    That said, I just wanted to say you seem like a rather brave person to venture out into the unknown and do this. From the people I have encountered while being alive, most would not be willing to take such a wild endeavor because of fear…

    Damn though. Wish I found it earlier since you appear to be finished with this. (or so it seems?)


    I’ve never stripped before. Ever. :S So I need to put an act together, purchase some specific clothes for the job, and other stuff that I’m sure will come up. Do you have any suggestions in regards to some of this? I’m aware that stripping as a male is probably going to have some major differences than stripping as a female, but I think some of the core concepts hold true; Talk seductively, swoon your customers, be gracious, and project sexual desire from your conduct, etc. etc. etc.

    Look forward to hearing from ya,

    • thestoryofstory Says:

      know your boundaries ahead of time and honestly, being friendly and likable in a conversation works well or better than being seductive.

  5. Kat’s Paycation Guide Says:

    [...] Strip tripping can be fun and lucrative, or you can come back with less money and an ego so bruised that you’ll change the subject whenever anyone asks about that trip that you wouldn’t shut up about before you left. There was the time that I went to Indianapolis during the Indie 500 because a lonely juggalette stripper on the Internet told me I’d make like ten thousand dollars, minimum. And then there was the time that I just showed up in Hawaii and had to eat Burger King and Subway for a week. I would like to think that I know what I’m doing by now, and since I’m not nice enough to tell you where the money’s good, I’ll at least share tips that have made my life easier. This list is inspired by badass seasoned road stripper Story’s advice, so please look at it first. [...]

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